A result on parabolic gradient regularity in Orlicz spaces and application to absorption-induced blow-up prevention in a Keller-Segel type cross-diffusion system

活动时间:2023-12-02 16:30-17:30


主讲人:Michael Winkler


Michael Winkler,Paderborn 大学教授,主要研究兴趣为非线性偏微分方程,已在《Comm Math Phy》、《Arch Rational Mech Anal》、《J European Math Soc》、《Trans Amer Math Society》、《SIAM J Math Anal》、《J Differential Eq》、《Math Models Methods Appl Sci》、《Math. Ann》等一流数学期刊上发表学术论文近100篇,其中近30篇论文入选ESI高被引、热点论文;目前担任《Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences》(中科院一区)、《Nonlinear Analysis:Real World Applications》(中科院一区)等国际一流SCI数学期刊的编委。


By means of a variational approach, time-independent a priori estimates for gradients of solutions to linear parabolic equations in  some Orlicz spaces near $L^p$ is derived. These are subsequently used to rule out blow-up in a Keller-Segel type parabolic system involving certain diffusion degeneracies of arbitrary strength.