College of Science, Donghua University


College of Science of Donghua University, was established in 1999,developed from Department of Basic Teachings, Textile University of China. In 1977/1979, we began to recruit undergraduate students, majoring in mathematics/physics. In 1981, it became one of the first units in the country to receive the right to grant master's degrees. In 2010, we had the right to confer a doctorate (the cross-discipline doctoral program). Now, we have 126 full-time faculty members, including 28 professors and 47 associate professors. The proportion of the faculty member with doctoral degree is over 76%. The proportion of the faculty member with more than one year of overseas academic experience is over 54%.

Provides four undergraduate programs, majoring in:

Mathematics and Applied mathematics (Financial engineering)

Statistics (Financial statistics and Risk management)

Applied Physics (New energy sources and Microelectronics)

Optoelectronic Science and Engineering (Photoelectric detection)

Possesses various research platforms, mainly including:

The Institute for Nonlinear Science;

Magnetic Confinement Fusion Research Center of Ministry Education (Donghua University);

Shanghai Intelligent Electronics Research Institute (Donghua University);

Key Laboratory of advanced plasma technology in textile industry.

Provides the four academic master programs, majoring in:


System Science,


Optical Engineering.

and two professional master’s programs, majoring in:

Applied Statistics,

Electric Information (Integrated Circuits).

and also a cross-discipline doctoral program,major ing in:

New energy Materials and Devices.

Student international exchanges

The college has established the cooperation with a few high-level Universities abroad. After two years studied at Donghua University, the students can apply to continue the next two years studying at one of the foreign partner university. After the graduations, the students can obtain two Bachelor's degree certificate; one is from Donghua University, and another is from the foreign partner university. 


The College is looking for the outstanding scholars appointed as the faculties from the world. The expected research fields of the candidates are (but not limited to): 

1. Mathematics: Basic Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics. 

2. System Science: Complexity theory, System Analysis and Integrations, Synergetics, and operational research.

3. Applied Statistics: Financial Statistics and Risk Management, economic and social statistics, big data analysis.

4. Physics: Plasma Physics, Theoretical and Computational Physics, and Optical Physics.

5. Optical Engineering: Optoelectronic Materials and Devices, Photoelectric Detection and Sensing Technology, and Photonics.

6. Integrated Circuits: Microelectronics, Integrated circuit designs, Semiconducting Material and Semiconducting Devices, Integrated circuit processes and equipment.

This recruitment is long-term effectiveness. Candidates please send email (with a personal resume containing catalogue of research results) to:

College Website:

Contact Address: No. 2 College Building, No. 2999 North Renmin Road, Songjiang District, Donghua University, Shanghai, China, 201620

Tel: 021-67792331