On the damping effect and the global existence of smooth solutions to the M-D hyperbolic equations or systems

时间:2020.11.3 15:00-16:30

地点:腾讯会议 475 278 772



南京师范大学数学科学学院教授, 博士生导师,研究领域是非线性偏微分方程。在流体动力学中的超音速流和跨音速激波理论,非线性双曲方程解的奇性结构和奇性传播,退化双曲方程或可压缩Euler方程组的整体解和爆破问题等领域取得了系列成果。尹会成教授是国家杰出青年基金获得者、全国优秀博士论文指导教师。曾获国家教委科技进步二等奖、教育部优秀青年教师奖等。目前共发表论文90多篇,如发表在Comm.Pure Appl.Math.,Comm.Math.Phys., Arch. Ration.Mech. Anal.,Advances in Math., SIAM J.Math.Anal.等。


In this talk, for the multi-demensional   hyperbolic equations or systems, we will discuss the global existence or blowup of smooth solutions due to the damping effect under some suitable transformations.  Our results are: establish the global existence and blowup of smooth solutions to the M-D compressible Euler equations with time depending damping; establish the global existence and blowup of weak solutions to a class of semilinear generalized Tricomi equations; establish the global existence  of 3-D  supersonic Euler flows in the infinite long divergent nozzles. These works are joint with Hou Fei, He Daoyin, Ingo Witt and Xu Gang, respectively.